The Questioning – Memes

This is my meme corner of CitySoliloquy where I will post memes to keep them separate from my original blog writings. Here you can discover more about me through questions and surveys I stumble across. Like a structured short answer memoir who I am can be assembled, piece by piece with every answer. Each question can act as a memory trigger allowing me to share something from past that may otherwise stay buried, lost and forgotten.

Any blog awards I’ve been kind enough to be presented with will live here. A virtual trophy cabinet with no need to tend the appreciated silverware with a duster and polish.

Meme is derived from the Greek word μιμητισμός meaning ‘something imitated’ and the term was defined by British scientist Richard Dawkins as a ‘unit of cultural transmission’ which can be subject to mutation and adaptation. Memes have an evolving, viral concept that allows them to spread quickly, but they may be changed and elaborated on in their passage as differing interpretation of questions leading to variation in answers. For this reason, memes are likened to genes (often referred to as their cultural analogies) due to their replicating and evolving nature.

I’ll endeavor to track my own evolution through my writings and answers.


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Sorry, I’m not wearing Valentino

Now think of the Oscars or the BAFTAs, think of the effort it takes to get your hair on its best behaviour, to perfect that red carpet wiggle and those mandatory goddess dress fittings. With these awards you can forget about all that, you can give an acceptance speech in your sweats and I bet you look stunning anyway even if you’re going to argue the contrary! So I have some thanks to give and some awarding to do.

Huge thanks and curtseys in Kandace’s direction over at her awesomely honest One Red Wall for:

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Blog Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blog world. Rules are here.

Picking 5 blogs is really hard, there’s always little pieces of many blogs that stick in my mind. I don’t like tagging people, but recognition where recognition is due. But here’s my 5:

Sophie at Ikke Norsk Girl. I’m totally in awe of her language skills and her ability to write great reads, not just mastering the English language but having the bravery to put it in Norwegian too. She makes this Nordic language come to life, which beats fretting over grammar, and is a super fun girlie with a wicked sense of humor.

Julie at Roads are made by Traveling. I’m proud of her for keeping up her Project 365 and her monthly post project is coming on a treat, there’s always something interesting at Julie’s blog, she’s a smart and sweet girl. We’re also in the same boat as me (new city, new graduate) so I can relate to her posts. She’s also one of my postcard buddies and got me involved in Postcrossing.

Emily Jane at Climbing the Upward Spiral. I bumped into Emily’s blog a couple of weeks ago and it was love at first read. She writes about things worth thinking about and worth writing about. She’s a very real and genuine person and it radiates. We have a lot in common so I gravitated to her writing.

Melissa at who says i can’t? The Bookgasm lady! Witty and no-nonsense. I could definitely nerd out with her. She answers memes in an interesting and creative way which makes you not go ‘oh no, not another meme’. Much much love for this blog.

Another jewel – Confessions of an Anonymous Perfectionist. Anyone who can marry Post it notes, dandelions, life lessons and a dollop of inspiration in one posts get my vote. I can relate to her struggle to contain her inner perfectionist.

Acceptance condition – Five things about me

  1. When I was a child I was terrified of the movie ‘Gremlins’. They were so evil and mischievous, I had to sleep with the covers pulled over my head for days.
  2. I’m convinced Pepsi tastes better than Coke, though I can’t tell the difference when I’m really thirsty.
  3. I have named one of the guinea pigs at Petsmart ‘Punky’ and if no one buys him soon he will be mine.
  4. People who walk in front of me at a snail’s pace drive me nuts.
  5. The last time I got emotional was over Biggest Loser. I have so much admiration for people who attack their goals.

Melissa honoured me with the Sweet Blog award. Rules here.


I’d like to pass it onto these sweet blogs with even sweeter writers – Silje, Kenzie, Nikki, Kandace and  Taryn.


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